Style Strategy Session:

$300 - 5hrs of service


Have you ever opened the doors to your closet and felt like it was closet full of clothes, but you have nothing to wear? Don't worry, I'm with you girlfriend. I've had those days as well! The key to having something to wear everyday is knowing exactly how to put together an outfit - and knowing what looks good on your body type! Without the stress of feeling like you have nothing to wear, getting dressed in the morning will turn into a breeze! I can't wait to help you get there! 

Welcome to the Style Strategy Session. Together we will start by defining your style. Next we will give your closet a good cleanse, teach you how to style your outfits on your own, and finally create a shopping list that will make the most of your existing wardrobe. 



1. Define the Style: 

I will ask you a series of questions that address your lifestyle, goals, and dreams. Together we will figure out exactly how to portray your personality through your wardrobe and create your own signature style. 

2. Organize and Clean Out:

Clean out the clutter! A majority of women (myself included at times) have clothes they never wear taking up space in their closet. The cleansing process will help determine clothes that don't fit, things that are old and worn out, and styles that just don't work with your body type. We will determine which things need to be donated, thrown away, tailored, or sold! 

3. Make the Most of Your Wardrobe:

This is where I will teach you the basics of styling. You will find out how a simple tee shirt and jeans can be elevated just by adding a great jacket and necklace. These style tips will help you grow your look and enable you to continue looking great! 

4. Create a Shopping List: 

At the end of our session we will go over exactly what is missing in your wardrobe. Whether you have a lot of basics and need a statement piece, like a great leather jacket. Or maybe you have a lot of statement pieces, and need a few basics to help ground the look. We will go through your wardrobe and find the missing pieces that will help complete your style. 

Add Ons: 

+ Shopping Trip (priced hourly): 

Have your shopping list but don't like to go out and get the items? I will gladly help you either by going shopping with you to provide hands on advice, or I will go shopping for you and bring the items to your home for you to try on. If there's something you don't like, I'll make the return for you!

         - "Shop with a friend" (Add'l $50 an hour) 

         - Personal shopper (Add'l $50 an hour)